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Food Is Not Bae Podcast

The Food is Not Bae Podcast is a podcast that goes beyond the typical verbiage of weight loss and diet culture. In a homegirl, down-to-earth, yet professional, type of way, Dr. Ebony chats with you about ways to free yourself from societal, familial, and cultural messages rooted in the diet culture that is keeping you stuck in a toxic relationship with food. Dr. Ebony will discuss the issues we don't want to talk about or want anybody to know - those internal (and external) issues leading to weight gain and the underlying struggles to take it off. Yes, she goes there! Dr. Ebony, a licensed Psychologist, Author, and Food Relationship Guide, talks about the difficult issues in efforts to help you, and your communities, better understand where toxic relationships with food begin and how to restructure them in healthier ways. Episodes focus on the links between food and issues like rejection, betrayal, trauma, loneliness, grief, confusion, pain, religion, politics, culture, social approval, and so much more. Dr. Ebony goes beyond the regular path of providing dieting advice and, instead, digs deeper into real life issues. She connects how these issues are tied to mindset, food choices, disease, and the overall struggles people have with losing weight, being consistent, and following through. After digging into areas that have been hidden for so long, Dr. Ebony provides you with real talk and real tips and strategies for overcoming internal struggles and regaining control of your life and your health - on your terms!

Sep 15, 2019

In this episode, we talk with Jason Phillips, MSW. Jason is a licensed clinical therapist and life coach and will be sharing his insights and expertise about issues impacting Black men and their relationship with food and their bodies!

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